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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Brush Parts
We also produce brush which various types of material range and size for general applications include cleaning, deburring, polishing, reaming, finishing or removing debris or burrs from internal non-metallic and metallic surfaces.
AL,SUS 304 / 66 Nylon

Brush Parts
Brush Parts
Brush Parts
Brush Parts
Specific applications for brushes include:
  • Cleaning internal tubing and piping and cylinders
  • Deburring machined and threaded holes in castings, tanks and machined parts
  • Abrasive brushes for tough slag removal
  • Cleaning medical devices and equipment
  • Cleaning laboratory equipment and beakers
  • Cleaning hydraulic fittings and nozzles
  • Shotgun, pistol and rifle cleaning
  • Whisper light brushes for cleaning electronic and computer components
  • Used to dissipate lightning
  • Remove gases during vacuum distillation process
  • Used in removing water bubbles in air fluid control
  • Clean refrigerator coils
  • Clean valve guides
  • Clean automotive and aircraft parts

We can easily change the length of the brush, diameter of the brush and the many filaments choices offer virtually endless possibilities